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March 27, 2008

Kerry took some time to respond to questions and comments from fans regarding his move to Toronto:

From Barron Miles:

Congrats on the grey cup and a great season. I just opened up my computer to read that Kerry off to TO. What a strange world we live in. I wish you all the best and I hope to here from you soon. By the way It's good for us out here on the west coast that your in the east now.

What's up B Miles. Hey thanks for the support. I am glad to be going back out east, because I do not have to see you guys but twice. Best of luck this year. Be blessed

- KJ

From Knack

We in rider nation are all shocked by your departure and feel that you were poorly treated. I hope you know if it was up to the saskatchewan people that we would have done everything to keep you in our colors. Thank you for everything that you have meant to the fans and your charity around the city of regina you will be greatly missed and always remember once a rider always a rider.

Thanks for all your support. I will truly miss playing in Sask.

- KJ

From Bill Anderson:

Hi Kerry, I must say that I am extremely disappointed in the Roughrider organization for not coming to the table with the money you deserve. Thanks so much for your contribution to the Riders. I am especially appreciative for the examples you demonstrate OFF THE FIELD. My young kids look up to you as a roll model, and you certainly fit the part. Best of Luck in Toronto, however, I can't cheer you on since I'm still a good ol' Saskatchewan boy! Just remember when you come back to Regina to play against the Riders, many of us hardcore Rider fans forget about the "business" side of football (so you'll have to ignore the screaming drunks). Best Regards & God Bless Ya, Bill Anderson & Family living in Brooks, Alberta, Canada

Thanks Bill. I was disappointed with the Riders, but things happen for a reason. I know it will be fun when I return to Regina.

- KJ

From Kailan Fraser:

Why did you leave us now I have to cheer fro your team too. well you. Well atleast your are first string and number 4. Well good luck at toronto. miss ya.

Hello Kailan, I did not want to leave but that is how the business work sometime. Thanks for being my biggest littlest fan. Be blessed.

- KJ

From Kevin:

Thanks for your outstanding contribution to the City of Regina, Province of Saskatchewan. You are an outstanding example of how professional atheletes should conduct themselves On & Off of the field Kevin P.S. Oh Yeah....thanks for the Grey Cup and all of the memories of an outstanding 2007 season

Thanks Kevin for everything. Glad to be apart of Grey Cup victory. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Tyler McKinley

Congratulations Kerry! We will miss you here in Saskatchewan, but I know you are making a career choice. I'm glad my mom got me your picture before you left. I can't cheer for you this year, but you are still my favorite sports guy.

Thanks for being a big fan. I will miss Sask. Just don't boo me too much when I return. LOL! Be blessed!

- KJ

From Vance:

Hey Kerry this is Vance i just wanted to say that i will miss you and thet i think i speak for all of us when i say we love you and no matter where!!!!! you are you will always have friends in rider ville #1 fan Vance GO RIDERS GO ;)

Hello Vance, I will miss the great fans of Sask. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Matt:

Hey KJ! Saskatchewan Is Going To Miss A LOT! But My Question is, Did you really feel like leaving Saskatchewan and what did you feel when you found out your leaving Saskatchewan and going to Toronto?

Hello Matt. I did not want to leave Sask. but it was out of my control. When a team trade you it is not your decision. I was disappointed but I also understand the business. Be blessed!

- KJ

From L. Garratt:

Too bad. General manager has made a mistake, we think. We\'re going to miss you. All the best in Toronto.

Thanks for all your support. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Geo in Moose Jaw:

Hey Kerry we are going to miss u in Moose Jaw take care and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sad to say I called it when we acquired that eskie qb my brother told Me I was full of it lol good luck and win another one!!!

Thanks for the great atmosphere on game day. You all will be missed!

- KJ

From Graham Stuart:

Congrats on your trade Kerry! We will surely miss you here in Saskatchewan, your leadership and poise not only on the field but in the community was a true blessing to have had these past years. Thank you for everything you have given to us Rider fans! All the best to you in the future!

Thanks Graham, I really enjoyed my time helping and touching people lives in Sask.

- KJ

From Tim:

Thanks for all the memories with the Riders!

Thanks Tim. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Kailan:

I am so happy i got to play with you at the football clinic in saskatton Though i have a question to ask why did you leave the saskatchewan roughriders for toronto?i will miss made me sad when i heard you left.You'll still be my favorite player in the CFL. And i just got your shirt at chritmas.I have to buy a toronto kerry shirt now. I will cheer for you and the riders. i wish you luck.I will miss you a lot.

Thanks Kailan, you are a great fan. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Dave Fehr:

Hey Kerry, Life long rider fan but you've been my favorite player since breaking into the league. Thank you for EVERYTHING, you were the team in 07, a 100% class human being and i wish you success in T.O. I hate everything sports in T.O. (being a western canadian, that feeling isn't unique...hehe) but you've made the Argo's my 2nd fav team. Just wanted to say thanks for everything in 2007...i hope you prove everyone wrong and play at or a better level than you did here. As much as i hate you leaving, I realize its the business of the game, or the unwillingness of the organization, that resulted in you leaving. I hope you still update this noticing it turning Blue on me already! Your Career Long Fan -Dave from Lethbridge, AB

Thanks Dave for understanding that this business can be crazy sometimes. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Daniel Eklund

Hi Kerry. Im very sad to see you go. I just cant wrap my head around this. I just want you to know that you will never be forgotten in the rider nation. Rider fans will always be cheering you on no matter what uniform you wear. Once a rider always a rider! :D Thats all i wanted to say for now. Thank you so much for everything you have done for the RoughRiders and the entire province. See you July 27th!

Thanks Daniel, I appreciate everything. I am looking forward to July 27th! Be Blessed!

- KJ

From Mark Kaiser:

Congrats kerry on becoming an argonaut! welcome to toronto. And best of luck!

Hello Mark, I am looking forward to wearing the DBL BLUE! It will be great to win a championship in TO. Be Blessed

- KJ

From Terry Nielsen:

It is very unfortunate to "Riderville" and the fans that thought so highly of you as a Rider that that "money issue" causes us to trade a player that has given us so much excitement on the field and also so much to Saskatchewan the field. I will personally miss watching "our" quarterback run the ball for touchdowns with only 6 seconds on the clock to win a close much better can it get? Good luck in your future...I hope it's all you want it to long as you don't win against our Riders. I was proud to brag about "our quarterback" during the past season.

Thanks Terry for 2 exiciting years. My work is done there and I must move on, but you guys will not be forgotten. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Ethan Hunter:

I don't have a question, I just want to let you know that I'm really going to miss having you as our starting quarterback. You are one of the greatest Riders of all time on and off the field. Good luck in Toronto and thanks for bringing us a Grey Cup.

Thanks Ethan. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Dana Weeks:

Hi KJ, Thank you for everything you did for us in Saskatchewan, I'll genuinely miss you. I will still cheer against you, but not with the anger that we all gave to KA in 1994. Good luck in TO. Don't forget about us when you're finished Football, you'll still end up the toast of Regina until the Good Lord calls you home.

Thanks Dana. God has a plan for me in TO! Be blessed!

- KJ

From Tyler Golding:

Hey Kerry...blah! What do I say? I can't believe you are traded. I want to let you know that everybody in Saskatchewan LOVES you ! Thanks for bringing the Grey Cup to us....We could not have done it without you. Good luck in Toronto, you'll never be forgotten in the Green and White! "MVP, MVP,MVP,MVP!"

Thanks for a great year. I will always hold on to those memories. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Mike Schewean:

Hey KJ; So sad to see you leaving our Riders. Man we are in your debt however ...last year was awesome. Congratulations on your new contract and I hope you knock em dead ....but remember to the Nation You will always be a Rider and when you return to Regina be sure to give me a wave ...I will be the guy standing at attention and applauding when you come out of the tunnel!!

Hello Mike. Thanks Mike, I will be looking for you to see if I can find you at attention. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Joe Domagala:

Kerry Welcome to Toronto and the Toronto Argonauts. I have been going to Argo games for more than 35 years. I love the CFL. I am really looking forward to you coming aboard, I believe we now have what it takes to bring the Grey Cup back here again. I will see you in Training Camp. They are open to the fans. Where I will shake your hand. I'll be at all the games. Welcome again

Thanks for the welcome Joe. I can not wait to get involved in the city of Toronto. It will be fun! Be blessed!

- KJ

From Paul Cartwright:

Hello Mr. Joseph Congratulations on your trade to Toronto. I am the guy who emailed you in the past about my business Sports Celebrity Marketing and my work with both corporations and churches. Would love to book you for appearances especially now that you are in the media capital of Canada

Thank Paul. I will talking to you because I enjoy speaking about my faith and sharing my testimony. I will be in touch. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Morgan Howard:

Why did you have to leave us? We're so screwed now! We don't have anyone to fill you shoes man... just kidding I know why you left. Its too bad ET couldn't open up his check book to save you. Oh well... good luck in TO and I'll be cheering for you man! (Except when you play against the Riders!)

Thanks Morgan. I will miss all you fans. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Brad in PA:

Hi Kerry I am devastated to hear that you have been traded! I have been a huge fan of yours since you were acquired from OR. I understand its tuff to pay the $$$ in the Riders situation, and ET is looking at long-term also... these decisions must suck for Gm's and Coaches. DO NOT think or believe for one second that you were not appreciated by the team or the fans. I personally would have kept you for at least another two years plus option. I am very happy that they traded you to a decent team that will pay you what we wish we could have paid you. THANK YOU for all that you brought to our team. THANK YOU for being dedicated, taking a pay cut to stay and get the Cup for us. YOU are a BIG player with a BIG heart. THANKS for all that you gave back to the community. YOU will be forever engraved in the Green Hearts as real warrior... we know you played hurt and never gave up until the final whistle. I believed you truly represented the Rider heart and spirit, you were a perfect fit. I wish you and your family great success in your new home. If you win the 2008 Grey Cup... I say good for you, I'll be upset, but I'll be happy for you and will still be cheering you on. We're losing a great one! Best Wishes and Thanks Kerry! Brad

Thanks Brad. Riders will always be Grey Cup Champs. Be blessed!

- KJ

From JT:

Not a Q, just a note of support, and I am sure you are getting many! Just crushed to see you traded Kerry, and regardless of the spin Tillman tries to make of it, you deserved better from the Riders. On all counts. I am ashamed. Thanks for your outstanding season, your heart, your effort, everything you gave to our community. I see you living the values you have expressed in many places - keep it up, wherever your path takes you. All the best from myself and many, many Rider fans! You are loved and will be missed dearly!

Thanks JT. Be Blessed

- KJ

From Kyle Guillet:

hey Kerry,my name is kyle and today while listening to the radio, I heard that you are LEAVING us here in Saskatchewan! At first I thought that what I had heard was a joke but my dad later confirmed that you had agreed to go to Toronto:( I am only 14 years old and I do not understand the whole trade process yet, but I was just wondering, was there anything that the fans in Saskatchewan could have done to change your decision? Could we have supported you more through the bad times? Or cheered even louder during the good times? Anyways I can truely say that you will be dearly missed by all of us melon-heads in good old Sk. I hope you have a great season with the Argos and I truely believe that if you play as well as you did last season, that the 2008 grey cup will be t.o vs sk! Please email me and let me know if we could have helped your decision in any way?! :) thank you very much

Hello Kyle, The fans gave me all the support that I needed. It was truly a business decision by the Rider's organization. Thanks for all your support. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Mike Sweeney:

Thank you kerry. Thank you for what you did for the city of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan. Though we have parted ways i want you to know that you are and always will be my hero. I wish you the best in Toronto and hope that someday i can see you inducted in to the hall of fame and throw on the green and white one more time!

Thanks Mike. That sounds like a great plan to me.

- KJ

From Robert Y:

Thanks KJ for 2007,a season that we will never forget. Sorry to see you go. All the best in TO.

Thanks Robert. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Cam Mackay:

Just a thanks for going the distance with the Riders last year. I hate it that you are being traded to Toronto, but I wish you good luck. I believe all Rider fans owe you a thank you for what you did for us. Also from the media it seems that the Riders organization did not come through on their end of the salary issue, it looks bad for them for the sacrifices you have made. I hope that you have a great time in Toronto and good luck. Thanks again.

Thanks Cam for everything. I truly appreciate everything.

- KJ

From Paul D:

Hey!!! u rock. but why did u get traded to the argos? we love you here in saskatchewan so you shouldnt leave

It was the Rider's decision to trade me. I am glad we won a championship

- KJ

From John Dumaine:

Kerry Thanks for the memories and the fun leading up to the Grey Cup. Thanks for the effort with all the kids in the Regina Community Thanks for the catch for kids program Finally, Thanks and good luck for taking us to the 3rd Grey Cup win. Good luck in Toronto

Thanks John. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Dylan:

Kerry, on behalf of Rider Nation, I am so sorry that you are leaving Saskatchewan under such conditions - a lopsided trade that hurts Sask. more than it helps us. It's appalling that you were not paid what you were worth in Regina, and everyone across the province knows this. What the Roughrider organization is losing is immeasurable. Nothing could be worse than this trade because it is insulting to your talent, commitment to the people of Saskatchewan, and value on-and-off the feild to our club. You were a great ambassador of the province and we will miss you very, very much. Today will be known as Black Wednesday - the day the Saskatchewan Roughrider front-office disrespected the league's Most Outstanding Player and disappointed everyone in Saskatchewan. Good luck in Toronto, Kerry. Signed, Rider Nation

Thanks Dylan for everything. Rider Nation is truly a great Nation.

- KJ

From Brian Spector:

Kerry, like everyone here in Toronto I want to welcome you here. You are coming to a city with amazing owners, who know how to party(David Cynamon) and treat everyone with nothing but class. I sit by the Argos bench, and am also a friend of Cynamons. I look forward to meeting you and watching you shine on the field. Brian

I am glad to be an Argo. God place me in TO for a reason. Argonauts have a great organization and they do things first class.

- KJ

From Michelle Bastian:

I know we don't talk on the phone but we do email but I just want to tell you that your acomplishments on the field is wonderful beyond what most people can dream. Through your spirituality I can see it shining thru... I am proud to say that you are my homeboy not because of your skills on the football field but because you are a man who is lead by God, a soldier, a messenger, and a true light vessel. Thank you!!!

Thank you Michelle. Be blessed!

- KJ