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May 20, 2008

From Billy Johnson

Hi KJ what is your favourite color?

Purple or Red

- KJ

From Tyler

Kerry, congratulations on the extension. Well deserved for you. Sucks that you won't be out here in Saskatchewan anymore. Best of Luck in Toronto, I wish you well.

Thanks Tyler, I will miss the great fans of Sask.

- KJ

From Jan Staniszewski

Hi KJ, Hopefully you can kick start the very sluggish Argo offence. Be on the look out for Obed Cetoute who was a first year receiver last season for the Boatmen.Do you know much about him? I think he has the potential to be a very good one. Take care and all the best in the T-dot, Jan

Hello Jan, I am looking forward to helping the Boatmen win a championship. I think Cetoute is a good football player and I really look forward to working with him.

- KJ

From Megan

Hey Kerry! I was sad to hear that you aren't with the Riders anymore, you were the one of the best things to happen to our team! You are an amazing player and although you aren't a Rider anymore I will still cheer for you! I would like to know how it feels to be an Argo now and do you think you will ever return to the Riders? Also could you give a shout out to my dad Allen he is your number 1 fan and of the riders!!

Megan thanks for you compliment, it truly means a lot when a person knows all this support. In this business strange things happen so I am just embracing it and looking forward to playing with my new teammates. Allen thanks for being my number 1 fan.

- KJ

From Jay Courtright

As an Argo fan, I'm pretty excited about seeing you in a double blue jersey this upcoming season. As an American, my question is does the different size and shape of the official CFL ball force you to alter your throwing motion at all?

I can't wait to put on the double blue jersey. The fooball does not mess with my throwing motion.

- KJ

From Sharon

Kerry, I don't have a question, but have wanted to email for some time and just haven't had the nerve. I have enjoyed watching you play football since you joined the league years ago! I always had a feeling you'd do well. You have brought so much pride and joy to so many people who are Rider fans!! You will be missed SO much and I know I can speak for many who think you should still be here!! What will we do without you?? I love football, but more than that for me, has always been the way you have carried yourself on and off the field. You have shown so much integrity and been such a positive example. The way you live out your christian faith is truly a challenge for me to live up to. I respect that in you and had always hoped I would have the opportunity to meet you! I think we have a lot in common, and would have really hit it off. I guess that doesn't look promising at this point, un less God has other plans for us! If that day comes, I will at least buy you a coffee. I will be the one looking to have you autograph your Seattle rookie card!! ( Can you believe I found two of them on e-bay??!!) For now, they will remain blank. I wish you all the best wherever God leads you! I will still cheer for you even though you aren't in green!! Take care and God bless you!!

Thanks Sharon for all your support. Be blessed!

- KJ

From Kyle Anderson

Hey there Kerry, This is not really a question but I feel I need to say this to you. I was a co-worker and a friend of Erin Lawrence. I can't tell you how much I respect you for the things you did for her. Words do not explain how happy you made her in her final days. She touched so many hearts and I'm overjoyed that such a great man and a phenomonal role model such as yourself was able to touch her heart. The reading you did for her was very touching as well. I wanted to thank you in person, face to face, man to man but I did not get the opportunity. If I see you around when you come back to Regina I will be sure to say thank you again in person. I know I shed a tear the same time you did when you took that final knee in the Grey Cup. That was sucha fitting ending to a very emotional up and down year. Thank you for everything you did in Saskatchewan and the few times I did get to meet yo u, you were always an outstanding guy...even the one time after a Calgary game at Denny's early in the morning when I tried to give you a matter what you didn't change and you stayed the same classy person you are today. Thank you again Kerry and best of luck in Toronto! God Bless.

Kyle thanks so much. It was truly a blessing to meet Erin. I think she is an angel sent from God. May God bless you and your family.

- KJ

From Tim W

Who do you think the starting QB will be for the Riders?

Marcus Crandel.

- KJ

From Brodie Hughes:

Dear: Kerry Joseph Hi my name is Brodie Hughes I live in a little city in Brandon Manitoba Canada. I am in my fourth season playing football. last year we won the championship. My parents are going to get me in to a private school in Ontario its name is Saint Andrews collage next year. Do you think that it will help me with my football? What is your favorite CFL team NFL and collage team? Mine are the Edmonton Eskimos then the patriots then the Florida gators. Do you have any kids do they play football. How does it feel play in front of lots of people and see your self on TV. How often do you practice? I Practice twice a week and on full length game on Saturday with referees and and downs and all that stuff. Who helped you with your football? This a school project you get to pick anything you want for two weeks and I decided to do football I am also getting nine other football players to re spond and I am making poster of football and scrapbook of football.

I think the school can help you but you have to continue to work hard. Toronto Argonaugts, New Orleans Saints and McNeese State Cowboys. I do not have any kids. It is alot of fun when we play in front of large crowds. We practice 4 times a wk. God bless me with the talent and all of my coaches help me to get better using my talents. Best of luck with your project.

- KJ

From: Kailan:

Hi Kerry, just wanted to congratulate you on winning the grey cup(it's a bit late thoguh lol) and everyone around here is sad that your going.(mostly me)Though the good thing about you going to toronto is that I am moving to Ontario so i will still be able to cheer you on. Kailan

I am sad to leave but it is a business that we are in. I am glad you are moving and will continue to cheer me on. Be blessed

- KJ