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July 17, 2008


COME BACK KERRY!!!!! Would You ever come back to the Riders if u had the chance? Your the man Kerry...Peace.

I would never say never. In this business you never know what can happen. Riderville was truly good to me. Thanks for all the support. Be Blessed!!

- KJ

From Carla

Hi Kerry, We miss you here in SK. I am a big fan of both your football skills and work in the community. It was nice to see that you worn Erin's wrist band in the quarterback challenge. Hopefully her loving spirit will continue to bring you good luck. We hope that the folks in Toronto recognize how lucky they are to have you working and living in their city! All the best to you this season. I already got my tickets for when you play us this year. Good Bless! Your forever fan, Carla

Hello Carla, thanks for all your loving support. I will truly miss the fans of Riderville. God has a plan for our lives and I truly believe this is part of his plan.

It will be exciting to come back to Riderville. BE BLESSED

- KJ

From Bernadette Weeks

You may remember my daughter,Barb, from Ottawa. Yo Murphy stayed at her building. I have a product that will give you an edge when you play or practice. Being an fan, I would like you to try a sample. How can I get it to you?

Thanks Bernadette. I am currently using a product call Vemma and it has helped me tremendously. I would look into your product. You can send me a web link or get something sent to the Argo's office. I do not know the address at this moment.

- KJ

From Luke Lawrence/Jan Reap

Kerry, We wish you all the best with the Toronto Argonauts and your career. We are so grateful what you did for our daughter, Erin & we are honoured that you are wearing the "I Love Erin" band. Jared is recovering from his surgery very slowly, but it was the "right decision" as he says. We are going to be looking for you on July 27, and can't wait. God Bless You, Kerry Joseph and as Erin would say, "take care". Luke, Jan & Jared

Hello Luke, Jan, and Jared! It is good to hear that you all or during well. I am looking toward July 27 when we come out to Regina. It has truly been a blessing to have met a great and loving family. You will always be in my prayers. Jared I truly believe God has His hands on you and you will get through everything just fine. See you soon! Be Blessed!

- KJ

From Shelley

Hi Kerry. Rider fan in Regina... I know things don't seem to be working out the way they should for you in TO. Just wanted to send you an email to keep your chin up! Stay positive and confident in your abilities!! You are a great quarterback, but more importantly a great man! God will reveal His plan to you in time. Rider fans (the smart ones) still love you and wish you the best in TO!! Keep the faith! Shelley

Thanks Shelly! It is always good to know that people still support and care about you. Rider fans are great and I am thankful I had the chance to play in front of the fans in Riderville. God will reveal his plan. Be Blessed

- KJ