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July 23, 2008

From Kailan Fraser

hi kerry i havent been able to watch your games but i hear about them and every time it say your team didnt do to well!(witch suxs)so ive been wondering wat happened u did better on the riders!

We have struggled together as a team but we will continue to get better. I am just getting adjusted to my new teammates. We will start to play better as the season goes on. Be Blessed!

- KJ

From Nicky K.

Hey Kerry, I'm a 14 year old boy from Regina, Saskatchewan who looks up to you very much. This is my first season in senior football and as a rookie, I'm already the starting QB. I earned that role mostly by watching how you scramble in game situations, so thank you very much! Here's my question: Who's the hardest hitter in the league? Thanks.

I think that Trey Young and Kenny Wheaton are two of the hardest hitting players in the league. I am glad u have earned the started job. Now you have to continue to work hard so you don't lose the starting job. Be Blessed!

- KJ