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August 1, 2010

Larry Lorensen

my question is, have you ever considered coaching when you're done playing? It was a pleasure watching you lead the Riders to Grey cup victory. You played with great skill and sportsmanship. All the best to you Kerry.

I have thought about coaching w when I am finish playing! I am not done yet. It was great joy to bring a Grey Cup to Sask. Be Blessed!!


From Shaun

Hey Kerry, when are you changing your website colors back to green and white? :)

I will be changing it when I sign with a team. It did look good in Green and white. Be Blessed!!


From Tyler McKinley

I'm very disappointed your not back here in Regina. What are you doing now, while you wait for the call to come back?

I am still training and working on some business opportunity for after football. Be Blessed!!!


From Donavin

kj its me donavin we bowled in sask regina together i think u should practice till a team offers u a deal u cant refuse just try to get back to that cosinctant self again im only 12 dont be botherd by my spelling bust of luck kj from donavin hutmacher future quarter back number 4 hppe a team takes ya and who ever does ill cheer 4 love ya from old friend donavin humacher

Thanks! I will keep training as I wait for the call. I have faith that it will come. Be Blessed!!


From william

hey kerry, i'm 11 years old and i play tackle football. I would like to be a QB. i was wondering if you could give me any tips or drills to help me become a better QB. thanks from, william

William I wish you all the best playing QB. The biggest thing we have to do as a qb is to play with your eyes and your feet. Trust your skills and you will be great. Be Blessed!!!


From brett roy

When are you going to come back to regina. You are still my favorite cfl quarterback, I've always been a huge fan of saskatchewan qbs, but 2007 was amazing and rough, you rock kerry palin and simple. Thanks buddy

Thanks Brett! I was hoping to come bk to Regina this year but it did not work out that way. Thanks for your support. Be Blessed!


From kevin amyotte

Kerry would you return to ottawa if they get a new franchise

Yes I would return to Ottawa because that's where my CFL career began. Be Blessed!!!