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August 20, 2009

From Jake:

Hey KJ, Just wondering why Damon Allen isn't still hosting the quarterback challenge? No fan support? Thanks Jake

Damon is still hosting the quarterback challenge. It was cancelled this year because of some sponership and the timing didn't workout.
Be Blessed!


From Bill Yu

Hey KJ, Thanks again for signing those Renegades jerseys for me in Toronto (I gave one as a gift to a good friend of mine from church who's from Ottawa and followed you all, and I framed it up and he was thrilled). I'm glad that you guys bounced back from a couple tough losses for a strong team win yesterday! I was just wondering are you still selling your KJ4 t-shirts? If so, I'd love to get one from you at a game this season! I'll be in Mexico at an orphanage until August 15, so I'll catch you on the 28th! Play smart, block out the negativity, and win or lose, don't forget to give the glory to Him! Bill :)

That was no problem on signing the jerseys. It was good see those jerseys are still out there. I am not selling the KJ4 shirts at the moment but I am working on it for the future. Be Blessed!!


From Sonya

Hey Kerry Seen you play a few games since Sk and now TO. Do you think the Argos have what it takes this season for a ring ?

I think we have what it takes to win. We just have to put it all together and continue to work hard. Be Blessed!


From Sandi Espinosa

Hi Kerry, I've been an Argo fan for my entire life and believe me, you don't want to know how old I am now! I am going in for major spinal surgery on August 13th at St. Michael's Hospital here in Toronto and do you know that I'm such a fan that I took the Argo schedule to my surgeon's office to see if we could schedule the surgery between Argo games! My doctor had a good laugh BUT he did schedule it for me so that I could attend the Aug. 1st game. I'm part of a group called the CFL Fans Fight Breast Cancer and we are in the endzone usually making a big noise! If you are ever down in the endzone, show us some love. Thanks and have a wonderful season! Sandi Espinosa

Sandi I hope and pray that you make a full recovery from your surgery. It is always good to see die hard fans in the Double Blue. I wish you all the best and quick healing. Be Blessed!!


From Michellle Sinclair

Hi Kerry :D I have an 8 year old son (his middle name is Joseph :D ) who is going to play football this year for the first time. It's actually the first time he is going to play a team sport. While excited at how he may fit into the team, he is a little anxious about the whole thing too. I've been trying to help reassure him with the regular "mom" stuff but was wondering if you may have any "football" words of wisdom that I could maybe use to encourage him? Funny, did you think you would ever get asked for parenting advice when you signed your contract? I just figured you've probably you were once a kid playing football I wasn't. Thanks for your time in reading this as well as any suggestions you might have to offer. :D Michelle :D

The best thing I would tell a kid is to have fun playing. Tell him to work hard and put his heart and soul into being the best. Don't give up!!!


From Tori Livingston

Hey KJ this is your cousin Tori and my dad name is Wesley Lloyd Lingston he died4 years ago my aunt's name is Avis and Vennessa aka Black

Hey Tori! How are u doing? Tell everybody I said hello. Keep doing that school work. Love and Be Blessed Cuz!!!


From Shemeka:

Hey Kerry ! How are you ? It's Shemeka Ward from McNeese. Do you remember me? I saw you on Facebook. I'm glad to see you are still doing what you love. I'm still in Lafayette. It's been years since I ran into you out here. Guess you don't come home often. Well, take care. I just wanted to say hi.

Hey Shemeka! Its been a while since we saw each other. I don't spend too much time down in Lafeyette. I come down for a month after the season and then I head to Orlando to spend my offseason time. Thanks for checking in. Take care and Be Blessed!!!


From Carolyn

Love the layout of the website. This is the kind of hype Toronto AND the CFL needs, to get fans excited and potential fans interested in CFL football. I don't see any info. on your website about charity work that you participate in. If you haven't started a charity organization already, do you have plans to, and in what area are you looking to make a difference?

Thanks for checking the website out. I have done different charity work but I have not started anything here in Toronto. I have a foundation back in the U S in which I used to reach out to kids with different types of programs and camps. Be Blessed