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October 7, 2007

Kerry answered questions from his hotel room in Calgary:

From Melanie:

I've noticed that you have been coming out to church. It's definitely a blessing to see you and I know it's encouraging for the young people especially the young men... who see you as a role model. Wishing you God's favor for Sunday's game - as I will be watching from my coach ;)

Hello Melanie, thanks for all your support as a fan. God has blessed me in so many ways and i feel that i have to be a blessing to other in i come in contact with. Be blessed.

- KJ

From Cory Stonehouse:

Hey Kerry, I was just wondering how many Christians, or guys that believe in God are on the current edition of the rider? What does God mean to you? I like your personality, you seem to be a humble guy and that is very good. I hope you are very successful this year. Here's hoping the riders are in the Grey Cup. God Bless you richly, Cory

We have about 10 guys who are christians. God means a lot to me in everything I do. I put God first in everything I do. Thanks for your support as we make this run to the Grey Cup.

- KJ

From Ditto:

After winning the Grey Cup this fall - the cup you know God is blessing you with - come to Fort Worth, Texas & pick up your free CD - 'God is for Me'. I was born & raised in Saskatchewan & now live in Texas. Shine on! The NFL is around the corner!


Thanks for your support all the way in Texas. You are one state over from my hometown. I am glad you are still following the Roughriders as you live in the states. God is truly for everyone. Be blessed. - KJ

From Jordon:

Sup Kj, jordon here, did you ever think you and the riders would be on the top of the cfl, and was one of your goals before the season started, was to give the riders a chance to have a home playoff game? And I also love the fact that when u guys are winning u don't get to high, and when your losing u don't get to low.

As a player you always come into the season wanting to be on top and finish as champions. Getting a home playoff game would be awsome, but our goal is to bring the Grey Cup to Saskatchewan. Staying humble throughout a season is important because there will always be ups and downs. Thanks for being a fan. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Brandon Mitchell:

Kerry, My name is Brandon, (you gave me your poster at your appartment last week). I want to congratulate you on your game on labour day. Your Fan, Brandon P.S. Me and my family have been season ticket holders for 17 years



Glad you are one of our biggest fans. Thanks for your support. Be Blessed

- KJ

From Lee Harding:

How and why did you become a Christian and how has this changed your life? How does it affect you on and off the field?


I was raised in a Christian home and I knew how important it was to has God in my life. God has truly change my life because he gives me the peace of mind to deal with situations in life and on the football field. I encourage everyone to accept Jesus Christ into their lives because you can not know God if Jesus Christ is not The Saviour of your life. Be blessed.

- KJ

From Louis Kenny



Just want to say great play on the weekend and it was nice to hear that you are a christian as well May God Bless you. My wife and I are First Nation people here in Regina and pastor a church here in Regina called Shekinah Glory church , we also have a tv program called songs of lIving Waters come on the Miracle channel evry sturday morning at 11;30 am check it out. Iam also the executive director at The Regina Friendship Centre , working with aboriginal people in poverty. mostly youth. Take care. Thanks Louis for writing in. I will check out the program when I get a chance. May God continue to bless you and your family. Be blessed.

- KJ



From Rhys:

Hey Kerry its Rhys im 10 years old.I was at the labour day football game u played awsome, when u ran it to the endzone was that a called play? I was at that Rams camp wen u talked to us remember? And why did u pick #4 for your jersey #?

That was a called play but did not know it was going to work that well. That is how we designed it in practice and it worked. I picked number 4 because I could not get #7 and I was born on Oct. 4. Be blessed.

- KJ

From Emmanuel:

Hey Kerry, you are ranked right up there with the best in CFL history thats for sure, along with your coach Kent Austin. My question is, how do you keep pushing with all this pressure playing for the roughriders, with such high expectations from Riderville?

I do not let others put pressure on me by what they say or do. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and it does not bother me because at the end of the day it is an opinion. God gives me the peace of mind to stay focus on getting the job done on and off the field.

- KJ



From Adrian Knievel: Kerry what an amazing finish to an amazing football game on Sunday!! You have continued to win games when it comes down to crunch time. You are a very gifted QB because you have that strong arm but if the throw isnt there you have the ability to scramble and you definitely did that against the bombers. The defense didnt have a very good day but you and the offense bailed them out superbly. That was the best game I have been at ever. Keep riding the wave all the way to Toronto for the Grey Cup and give these starved fans in saskatchewan what they want and that is a grey cup. Good luck the rest of the way. Peace

Thank you very much Adrian Knievel. Keep cheering for the Riders. Be blessed.


- KJ

From Klarke:

Hi Kerry. My name is Klarke Braaten. I just wanted to know how you liked playing with Kenton Keith last year? but anyways thats all i wanted to ask so i'll write later. P.S. nice run against Winnipeg and im comming to the game against B.C.



It was great playing with Kenton Keith. I am glad that he had the chance to go and play in the NFL. Thanks for your support. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Hugh Ridler

Kerry: I'm an Ottawa Rough Rider/Renegade fan from years ago. I watched you when you first came to Ottawa. Were you a QB when you first came in or a Defensive Back? Had you played as a QB in other leagues? And last, what are the main differences between a QB in the US and a QB in the CFL? That is, does the difference in the two games make a difference in the way the QB position is played?



I was a QB when I first came to Ottawa. I played QB in the NFL for one year before switching to defensive back. It is a little different playing in the US and CFL. The CFL is a little more passing and it is different having only 3 downs. - KJ


From Wenona:

Hey Cuz! Congrats! I am glad to see you doing your thing again. Hope to see you for the holidays. Take Care,


Whats up Cuz, Glad to hear from you the other day. Glad you are doing well. I miss you up here this season. Look forward to seeing you for the holidays. Be blessed and take care.

- KJ




From Emmanuel: Hi Kerry, Who is your best friend off the field who plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders? Iam sure your going to say there all your best friends but like who calls you and hangs out with you the most?

I hang out with Yo Murphy.

- KJ




From Joel Robinson:

Hey kerry I'm a 11 at massey school and me and my friends think you are the man of football and I am a friend of Rhys Hipperson he sent u an email hope you win bye

Hello Joel, Thanks for your support and writing in. Be blessed.

- KJ



From Nick Kush:

Kerry I just quit football because I really didn't like the tackeling. I injured my left shoulder so I quit. But anyway you are a great quarterback who can take the riders to the grey cup some day can you buy a retro jersey with your name on it yet?

Don't give up on football. If that is a dream of yours keep working at it. Thanks for your support. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Ryan Hardy:

Kerry, I flew in from Ottawa just to watch you and the ex-Renegades take on Winnipeg in the Labour Day classic. I also went to your contest against Hamilton in Hamilton last year. Both times i cheered on the ex-Renegades. I have two questions for you. THe first being - do you miss Ottawa? My second question is - were you ever able to hear the 'LETS GO RENEGADES' chant at either game i went to? (Im known as 'the voice' in Ottawa due to the loudness of my cheering..)

I do miss Ottawa. It is a great city to live and play football. Sorry I did not hear the Renegade cheer. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Dan Selke:

Hey Kerry, First of all its awsome to see the riders in first place! I am a first year quarterback and i was wondering if you have any tips/pointers? How do you handle the pressure of a big game? How do you get yourself pumped up for a game? (if its through music...which bands?) Good luck in the rest of your '07 season!

As a quarterback you have to be the best leader that you can be because your teammates always look to the quarterback as a leader. I always look to play in the big games. It does not take much for me to get pumped up because I love playing football. Thanks for your support and be blessed.

- KJ



From Kyle Anderson:

Hey there Kerry, I am sorry this is not a question but I really do need to say this to you and I will say it to you again in person next time i see you. I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart I can't even begin to explain how much character you have as an individual for what you did for a good friend of mine, Erin Lawerence. I worked with her at co-op and we listened to ever away game together when we worked. The riders meant a lot to her and you writing a letter was probably the classiest thing I have ever heard from a professional athlete. Hopefully I get a chance to personally thank you too sometime soon! Best of luck in Calgary. I will be making the trip from Regina to watch you guys. I have had season ticket since I was 5 years old and I\'m just about to turn 20 on September 27th so the Riders mean a lot to me as well. Thank you again Kerry. Good luck and God Bless

Thanks Kyle for all of your kind word. May God bless you.

- KJ



From Ditto: The last two losses have been tough. But opposition is good! It gives the opportunity to persevere, stay the course & take it to the next level. When you have to work harder to accomplish a goal, it only makes the victory sweeter!:-) God is for you! ;-)

Thanks Ditto. God has a plan for the Roughriders this year and I have all the faith in His plan.

- KJ


From Sawyer Thies:

Hey Kerry, i asked Reggie the same thing as what i\'m asking you. did you always know what you wanted to play? I\'m asking cause i play high school football and i hope to play for the Riders when i get older

Playing professional football has always been a dream. Keep working hard and don't loose sight of your dreams. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Marnie:

This is definitely outside my comfort zone but as a fellow believer I hope to encourage you, Kerry. I believe that God has brought you to this city for this time and it can be a very hard place to be. He has given you a position of influece and you have done well. You conduct yourself in a manner worthy of His name. Your attitude and actions glorify Him. I am sure that He is pleased with you. I know that I am proud of you. You have proven faithful and yet things are not easy. I know how negative press and people can be so I wanted to remind you of His great love for you, Kerry; for you the man and the football player. He is for you and not against you. He has promises grace to the humble and you have a humble heart so I pray that His grace is sufficient for you. I want to encourage you to be strong (in Him) and be courageous (as you have been week in and out). Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you. Be anxious for nothing but take everything to Him in prayer and with thanksgiving let Him know your needs. And my prayer for you is that the peace of God which is beyond our comprehension will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. He loves you. Blessings on you. 

Thanks so much for you prayers and words of encouragement. God is directing my path everyday. Be blessed.

- KJ 



From Byron Hardy:

Hey man I am a ex-teammate of yours from McNeese, I just wanted to congratulate you on all your succes. If you ever in Lake Charles look me up.

What B. Hardy, It has been a long time since I spoken to you or seen you. Thanks for looking a brother up and I will look you up when I come to Lake Charles. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Benji Rose:

just wanted to halla at you dog. I see u doing your thing in Canada. wish you the best big bro. Halla when u get a chance. Love ya dog. B. Rose

What's up B. Rose, All is good on my end. Thanks for checking in on your boy. I hope the family is well and tell your mom and dad I said hello. I will holla at you. Be blessed.

- KJ


From Tyler:

Hey Kerry, just wanted to say you played a terrific game in an unfortunate loss on Saturday. Tough game to swallow, but I'm confident you and your teammates will bounce back and take the next one against Montreal.. Just ignore all the naysayers dude, they don't know what they're talking about. You are awesome, keep playing strong, and let's get this team a Grey Cup. You definitely deserve it.

Thanks for all your support Tyler. May God bless you.




From Anthony Malveaux:

Hey man what's up I know we have been friends for a long time. I just want to let you know that I'm very proud of you and that you have been a true inspiration to me. You have always been in my prayers and will continue to be. When you come home I want a jersey so i could frame. May god continue to bless you

What's up Big Sal, Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I know we have not talked much but I always keep my boys in mind. I hope all is well with the family. I will take care of you with that jersey. Stay up and be blessed.

- KJ



From Joel Robinson: Hi KJ did you have a good dinner with the Boquists I'm Faryn and Kelseys friend.and what is it like to be Kery Joeseph it must be so cool i wish i could be you someday. What NFL team did you play for and what team did you want to be on




I did have a great dinner with the Boquists. I enjoy being Kerry Joseph because it is who God made me to be and He has allow me to touch many people lives. I played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks. I wish I could play for the New Orleans Saints. Be blessed. - KJ

From Luke Lawrence:


Hello Mr.Joseph: I have noticed you are wearing my daughter's orange wrist band in the last couple of games. I see it as a real tribute to Erin having you do this for her. Its like she is a part of the team. She loved football and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. On behalf of myself and my son Jared we hope to meet you again & wish you the "Best of health & bring home the GreyCup". Yours truly Your #1 Fans The Lawrence Family




Hello Luke, I will continue to wear the band. I am so thankful that the CFL does not make me take it off during games, because I believe she is with us spiritually. May God bless your family. Thanks for all your support. - KJ




From Daniel Gagne:

Hey, Kerry. I just wanted to drop a line and lend you my support. I know we have won and lost as a team, and that this losing streak is not a reflection on your play or your leadership. It is a team problem. I am still entertained watching you play week-to-week, and still have no doubts that you deserve to be in there leading our Roughriders. This game against Montreal is going to be the start of a run of 4 or 5 victories that will launch us into clinching a home playoff game and will give BC a run for their money for first place. She's your ship, Kerry. Let\'s get things back on track Saturday. See you there! Daniel Gagne Moose Jaw

Thanks for all of your support Daniel. Be blessed.

- KJ



From Melanie:

That was a great game - you played very well. I watched the game with mixed feelings - the Alouettes is one of my favourite teams; anyhow i\'m glad that you guys won


Thanks for your support even though the Alouettes is one of your favorite teams. Be blessed.

- KJ