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November 7, 2007

Kerry answered some questions from fans as the Riders prepare for their upcoming home playoff game.

From Dave S:

Hi Kerry - Congrats on a great season so far. I was wondering if you or other players have ever seen footage of Coach Austin from his playing time, particularly the 89 Grey Cup game? Good luck for the rest season. We're all pulling for you. Go Riders!!


- KJ

From Cale B:

Hey Kerry, how are you doing? I am just writing to say HOPE YOU AND YOUR TEAM WIN THE GREY CUP!! :) you are the best qb ever! good luck playing calgary! and if you end up playing the blue bommers in the grey cup you guys will probably smoke em! they should start calling the grey cup the green cup! what is your favourite NFL team? I like the green bay packers. I am waiting for your autographed items to come up for sale on the website. I really would like to get an autographed ball and maybe a picture soon. Your fan, Cale

Hello Cale, thanks for writing in today. I am doing just great as I begin to prepare for the playoff. I love the New Orleans Saints. I will begin to have autographed items on the website starting next year.

- KJ

From Graham Stuart:

Hey Kerry! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that you have been doing an excellent job at the helm of our offence this year. I was born and raised in this province, and as they say, I bleed green. Keep up the good work, I have every confidence in your abilities as quarterback! LET'S GO RIDERS!!! p.s. Good luck against the Stamps.

Thanks Graham for all your support throughout this season.

- KJ

From Tyler Curtis:

I just wanted to say thank you for being our quarterback. I just read the Leader Post article about your visit with Erin Lawrance and I wanted you to know that I think it's beyond cool that you took the time to visit with her and return again with the game ball. I'm very proud to be a Roughrider fan.

Hello Tyler, it was a pleasure to meet a wonderful person like Erin because she really touch my life. Thanks for all your support as a Rider fan.

- KJ

From Wayne Yee:

Hello Kerry, I listened to your interview on CJME talking about this mouthguard. I'm very interested to find out more about it...who fits them, who cand I contact? I'm a big believer in good alignment in body structure to optimize our true health potential. Any details you can provide would be great! Rock the casbah this weekend in Calgary. go Riders. Wayne in Vancouver.

The mouthguard works wonderful for me and it has made a different in my game. Contact:

Dr. Deryl Dangstorp,
Lakeshore Dental Clinic, LakeShore Mall,
1380 23rd Ave. Regina, SK S4S3S5 

- KJ

From Jamie Hjalte:

KJ I just wanted to say you have been doing a Great job as our #1 QB, you may see on some web pages or hear some fans saying you should be fired and other stuff but just don\'t listen to them its like another sport to some rider fans to tear down Rider #1 QBs and it has been for years just ask Henry Burris. But for the majority of us we know you are one of the best we have had in years and you are making big mark on CFL history as one of the great QBs. As a whole team all of you guys are doing great and what ever happens Im a die hard Rider fan and so are the majority of the people In sask! GO RIDERS GO

Thanks Jamie for being such a great fan. I do not let people opinions distract me.

- KJ

From Rick James:

Thank you for growing tall and strong at the QB position. You are a true leader and as a true leader should-you lead by example. Just watched the game in Calgary, great job Kerry keeping the Rider train on the rails. RIDER NATION!

Thanks for all your Support Rick. I was just wondering if you can sing like the Original Rick James. LOL!!!!!

- KJ

From Bryan:

Hi Kerry! It's good to see you in good form and recovered from your knee injury of Last season. You are back to your good running ability, which ads another dimension to the game. Keep in good health for the remainder of the season and playoffs, I am also glad to see KidsSports which you promote is doing well, and its a program that makes it possible for Kids to play in sports, who other wise would not be able to play in sports because of cost. Keep up the good work in promoting the program in the community. Always cheering for you and the riders, keep on winning and playing good exciting football.

Thanks Bryan for support the Riders. Kidsport is a great progam for the province of Saskatchewan and I am glad to help with this program.

- KJ

From Dakota Sangrey

If u show up at practice everyday, and another kid in your position comes whenever and still starts over you even when u bust your butt what do u do?

When something like this happens you continue to work hard and stay confidence because you never know when your time will come and you want to be ready. Always stay positive and be supportive.

- KJ

From Brett Estey:

I dont know if you remember me Kerry, but I was the reciever you threw at while you where shooting the video for our school on the 12th of October. I would like to say thank you for giving up some of your time to help us be able to create an even better pep rally for our school. Although we called you a monster for joking purposes in the film, you are anything but and we really do appreciate what you do for the Riders and the community. It was a true honour to meet you and the footage we have looks real good, so once agian on behalf of the Winston Knoll spirt team or was we call the K-team, we say thank you for giving up your time to help us shoot one of our videos for our pep rally as we know how much of demanded there is for you in the community.

I am glad that I was able to help make your video a success. Wish you and your teammates all the best this year and in the future.

- KJ

From Rebecca:

Hi Kerry I live in Calgary and have often wondered, with all the fan support at the games here, do you and/or the team ever feel or prepare as though you are playing at home? What do you do when not practicing or preparing for a game; what do you do for fun? Kerry, thank you for being a part of a team that has given us reason to have 'Rider Pride in 2007.

As a team we love playing in Calgary when we are not playing at home because it does feel like a home game. When I am not practicing or preparing for a game, I love to play golf and relax.

- KJ

From Shirley:

Kerry., I am so proud of you. You know what I am saying. Your mom must be busting her buttons watching you. I am your mother\'s age with two sons who are athletic and I know how she must be feeling. I am a post-secodary educator who has two brown sons who always participated in sports. I am so sorry that your mom can not be here for you, but always know that I am. I would love to meet you. This can be on a neutral grounds. it is so imnportant that young people feel they have support. I just watched your latest game against the HTC and I said, there goes Kerry, he loves to score a touch down. Please if you wantyour mom to attend, know she has a safe plae to stay. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I live in Reina. If you want to meet with my sons, Jo-Jo and Willie, call me. I would love for you to meet them and I also want your mom to feel secure in having a "safe" place to stay. Go Kerry, I know you c an do it.

Thanks you for your support. My mom enjoys watching the games on TV, I know she is behind me 100%.

- KJ

From Breylan Fiset:

I was watching you when you played hamilton I thought you and Fantuz played great! Thank you for your advice about my 1st year at QB playing peewee football we finished 1st 10W-0L-2T and are city champions. I know you guys will do great in the playoffs. Good luck, God bless. Breylan Fiset, P.A. P.S. you played great on the labour day game!

Thanks Breylan for being a great fan. Glad to see that your team are champions this year. I encourage you to keep working hard.

- KJ

From Michelle:

Hi Kerry You have made a HUGE difference in this team. How do you prepare for a game mentally and emotionally? Your #1 Fan Michelle :)

When preparing for a game, I spend alot of time reviewing my plays and watching film of the opposing team.

- KJ

From Zachary::

Hey Kerry, I would first of all like to compliment you on how well you and the Saskatchewan Roughriders have done this year so far, it has been very good to watch. My question is what has been your greatest moment in this 2007 year of football?

The greatest moment (thus far) has been the Labour Day Classic.

- KJ

From Bob Prosser:

Hi Kerry I think you should win the Most Outstanding player this year.I got 2 questions . What do you think that makes the CFL so special and I see you have a link to Mike Bibby whats the link beween you two.

I think the pace of the game and having just 3 downs really makes CFL game exciting. The guy who set up Mike Bibby's website also designed my website.

- KJ

From Anthony:

Hey Kerry I know you`ve heard it before but I just really wanted to compliment you for being the man you are. It is very easy to get caught up in all the fame and drama. But you seem to keep a level head. Been a Rider fan for my whole life and I hope to see you here for years to come! Go Riders Go!!

Thank you Anthony for your comments and support. I hope to be here for years to come.

- KJ

From Travis:

Hey Kerry I was just wondering now at the end of the season would you rather get pulled from games and let Marcus start and give you some rest or would you rather always play? ps KJ 4 MVP

I would love to be on the field playing but Coach Austin makes the call and as a player you have to yield to his decision.

- KJ

From Darren Duplechin:

Kerry, How have you been man! Still a great quarterback I see. Hope you remember this little old trainer from McNeese. I have not been back in a while as I live in Denver, CO with my wife and 2 kids. Anyway, write to me if you get a chance, and I wish you great sucess. Dupe

Hey what's up Dupe? Its has been a long time since I have seen or heard from you. Glad to see that you and your family are doing great. Things are going well up here in Canada. Wish you all the best.

- KJ

From Brennan:

I am really thankful that a man of your calaber and talnt is not full of himself but gives glory to God. you truly are an insperation and a man after Gods own heart. I have a quick question for you do u go to church in Regina and if so what demonanation are you. Thanks so much for what you do for the city of regina and giving people a faith the guts to speak out about thier faith Brennan Yes I do attend church here in Regina. I am of the Baptist denomination.

- KJ

From Zac:

Is it true that you played safety for the Seattle Seahawks for a bit? Why did you change to QB?

I did play safety for the Seahawks for 4 year. I was a QB before playing safety

- KJ

(see KJ-TV#16 for highlites of Kerry playing quarterback in college)

From Wayne Stegint:

Kerry, My name is Wayne Stegint and I was a member of the McNeese State University football team under Bobby Keesler in 1997-1999. I know you were highly successful there and now in the CFL. I am looking into breaking into the business side of the CFL since I just moved to Canada. What advice do you have and if you want to contact me my email is Good Luck the rest of the season and look forward to speaking with you soon.

The CFL holds a combine every year before the season and that would be a great way for teams to see you. Also you should try and contact every team and try to send some game film to them.

- KJ

From Carla:

Hi Kerry, Congratulations on your nomination for most outstanding player! Best of luck. I'm sure you will also win for most popular Rider. I did get to meet you on Meet the Rider Day in September. It was worth the hour and 45 minute wait to get to thank you in person for your kindness to Erin Lawrence.I love seeing you wear her orange wrist band during the games. You are a very special person and we are so lucky to have you here with us in Regina. Best of luck in the playoffs-- I'll be there cheering loud!! God Bless! Carla

Thanks Carla for being patient and being a great fan. May God continue to bless you.

- KJ

From Vern Wolitski:

Thank you for taking such an interest in contributing to community. Your work in Kidsport is important...and I enjoy how you take a genuine interest in conversating with us folks in Saskatchewan. I hope you stay with us for a long career. As for a question: Do you winter in the States, or do you make your home year round in Canada? Sincerely, Vern J. Wolitski & Amanda M. Irvine Regina, SK

Thanks for your genuine comments and support. I live in Orlando FL. during the winter.

- KJ

From Genette:

Hey Kerry, My roommate and I were just talking about you the other day. We were trying to figure out when you would be coming back to Orlando to train? I figured that it would be after the season. I am so elated to see how well you and your team is doing this season. The Lord is really blessing you and everything that you touch. Best of luck with the playoffs and I hope to see you again soon. (But not too the Grey cup first) :-)

Hello Gennette, I hope everything is going well for you and your roommate. I plan to be back in Orlando at the beginning of the New Year. I have truly been blessed and we are pushing to go and win the Grey Cup. Don't forget to try Ruth Chris. LOL. 

- KJ

From Tyler:

Hey Kerry, just wanted to say congratulations on your Western nomination for league's Most Outstanding Player... it's a great choice for a very great player and person. Although, knowing your terrific personality, I know your heart is set on a bigger goal, in taking the team to the Grey Cup. Keep it up.

Thanks Tyler for all your support.

- KJ

From Rick:

Congrats on the nomination for MVP, you deserve it both as a player and as an individual. Best of luck on the rest of the season/playoffs.

Thanks Rick for being a great fan.

- KJ

From Scott:

Hey Kerry playing quarterback myself I look up to your style of play and your attitude towards the game. My question is when you were growing up did you play any other sports other then football?

Growing up as a kid I play baseball, basketball, and track.

- KJ

From Daniel:

Congratulations, Kerry. Way to go. All season long, I believed you had it in you. I think you're a shoe-in to beat out Kevin Glenn for the CFL MOP too. Good luck against Toronto, and we'll see you at the field on the 11th against the Stamps. God Bless! Daniel Gagne Moose Jaw

Hello Daniel, Thanks for being so supportive of the Riders. Grey Cup is in our site.

- KJ

From Greg,

I loved watching your old clips from McNeese. I was at a lot of those games (class of 99). The punt at North Texas (not on the clips) is one of the Best KJ highlights ever! GEAUX COWBOYS!

Thanks for checking into the website. It is always good to here from people in Louisiana.

- KJ

From Mildred:

Hi Kerry: It was special to meet both you and Cory Homes at Audio Warehouse on Friday, November 2. I especially want to thank you for giving me two tickets to the game today, November 3. Since 1999 my husband Dave and daughter Nancy have had season tickets. It is a father daughter outing that I fully endorse, although I do love to tease and say that they make me stay at home while they attend the games. Nancy is one of your biggest fans, she respects your attitude and character, especially since you joined the Riders. The other morning, while Nancy and I were commuting together to work, we were discussing football and the MOP nominations. Nancy said the difference between you and Henry Burris is that when you win the award you will truly appreciate the recognition, and give credit to your coaches and fellow players, while Henry would feel that he deserved it. The difference in character between the two of you – way to go Kerry! I can’t wait to go the work Monday morning and tell my co-workers that I got to go to the game because I got two tickets from Kerry Joseph, the MOP. Thanks again and God Bless,

Hello Mrs Mildred, I was glad that you was able to attend the game. I think it is honorable that you take a backseat to the father and daughter outting. May God continue to bless you.

- KJ